12 awards were won by our acrobats at the continental championship

The participants of the Asian Sports Acrobatics Championship, which has just ended in Kazakhstan, experienced indescribable emotions. Excitement, excitement, inspiration, delight. Moreover, not only the athletes themselves experienced all this, but also all those who witnessed the spectacular competitions. The awards were drawn in four age groups. The first two days were qualifying, where the participants, who, by the way, were 165 from 7 states, had to perform two exercises - balance and dynamic. Only one team from the country could make it to the final and demonstrate a combined exercise. And here the fight for medals started from scratch. Well, an even more incredible atmosphere prevailed at the moment of waiting and announcing the ratings. Emotions were running high. 4 gold and 8 silver awards. Here is the result of the participation of the Uzbek national team in the 12th Asian Championship!

category seniors 15 years and older
1st place - mixed pair Pak Anastasia, Nosirov Ikromjon. 

1st place - men's group Ibragimov Timur, Hafizov Damir, Kamoliddinov Dierbek, Ibrokhimov Hikmatullo.

category 13-19 years old  
1st place - men's group Abdurakhmonov Islom, Turgunov Hassan, Bahodirov Behruzbek, Nematov Zhavokhirbek.  

2nd place - mixed pair Yansupova Yasmina, Gofurov Anvarjon.

2nd place - women's group Isamova Aziza, Mukhtorova Gulnoza, Ergasheva Solikha.

category 12-18 years old    
2nd place - men's group of Saidov Sardor, Murtazokulov Davlatshoh, Davronov Zhakhongir, Kabirov Samir.

2nd place - women's group Hanbabayeva Ezozakhon, Pulatova Nargizakhon, Kazimirova Alina.

2nd place - mixed pair Nasivalieva Umida, Raimov Ikromjon

category 11-16 years old    
1st place men's pair Karimov Asadbek, Ayubkhonov Said Amin.

2nd place - female pair Tursunova Umida, Toymuratova Mehrinigor.

2nd place - women's group Tozhiboeva Fazilat, Musurmonova Oynur, Khudoyberdieva Niginabon.

2nd place - mixed pair Azatova Aidana, Khudoinazarov Zhahangir

We warmly congratulate each athlete and coaches Damir Shaipov, Evgenia Lushnikova, Anna Sergienko, Rafik Shaipov, Bobur Khudoiberdyev, Nargiza Kadyrova, Fatima Kamolova, Aibek Abdurakhmanov, Khairulla Juraev, Valery Babich, Galina Ablayeva for their contribution to the glorification of Uzbekistan in the international arena.