The trampoline World Championship is just around the corner

Representatives of the springboard are also preparing for their World Championships. The return launch will take place from November 13 to 20 in Bulgaria. The coaching staff of the Federation of Uili formed a team. Our country will be represented in Sofia by Farangiz Ruzieva, Jurabek Masharipov and Abdulaziz Khakimov. The athletes tested their strength at the Uzbekistan Cup, the translated one was held on the basis of the RSDYUSSHOR in gymnastics. By the way, 99 jumps from Tashkent, Ferghana Valley, Nukus, Samarkand and Khorezm took parcels in it.

Individual jumps, girls 13-14 years old. 
1. Mamurzhanova D. Ferghanskaya 
2. Graduate student N. Margelan 
3. Ravshanova Rukhshona Ferghana

Boys 13-14 years old 
1. Yuldashev M. Namangan
2. Aminzhanov D. Ferghanskaya 
3. Abdullaev A. Namangan

Girls 15-16 years old 
1. Markelova A. Tashkent
2. Akhmedova L. Namangan
3. Yuldasheva Sh. Ferghana

Boys 15-16 years old 
1. Khairulaev I. Tashkent
2. Yusufov A. Ferghanskaya 
3. Nematov B. Ferghanskaya

Girls 17+
1. Ruzieva F. Tashkent
2. Tukhtamurodova S. Samarkand 
3. Tolibova Mafia of Ferghana

Boys 17+
1. Masharipov Zh. Tashkent
2. Khakimov A. Tashkent
3. Khasanbayev M. Tashkent

Boys 13-14 years old
1. Lim K. Namangan
   Mamatusubov E. Namangan 
2. Aminzhanov D. Ferghanskaya 
   Ruzaliev D. Ferghanskaya
3. Yuldashev M. Namangan
   Abdullaev A. Namangan

Girls 15-16 years old 
1. Umaralieva U. Ferghanskaya
   Tulkinova R. Ferghana
2. Mamurzhanova D. Ferghanskaya
   Pulatova H. Nukus
3. Sobirzhanova N. Namangan
   Akhmedova L. Namangan

Boys 15-16 years old
1. Tolibzhanov F. Samarkand
    G. Turgunbayev. Ferghana
2. Yusupov A. Ferghanskaya
   Pulatov J. Ferghanskaya
3. Nematov B. Ferghanskaya
   Usmonaliev O. Ferghanskaya

Girls 17+
1. Tukhtamurodova S. Samarkand
    Tolipova M. Ferghanskaya
2. Tolibzhanova Z. Ferghana
    Kakhkharova M. Ferghanskaya
3. Gayratzhanova H. Ferghana
   Alizhonova D. Ferghanskaya

Boys 17+
1. Muminov Ya. Ferghanskaya
   Khasanbayev M. Tashkent
2. Masharipov Zh. Tashkent
   Khakimov A. Tashkent
3. Rakhmonberdiev M. Tashkent
Kholmirzaev Z. Tashkent

Acrobatic track
Boys 13-14 years old
1. Saidmakhmudov S. Namangan
2. Kobulov B. Ferghanskaya
3. Khasanbayev M. Ferghanskaya

Girls 13-14 years old 
1. Orazbayeva A. Nukus
2. Shergozieva F. Ferghana
3. Nizomitdinova D. Nukus

Boys 15-16 years old 
1. Abobakirov M. Ferghanskaya 
2. Mukhammadaliyev M. Namangan 
3. Abdulkhaev A. Namangan

Girls 15-16 years old 
1. Khusanova M. Ferghanskaya
2. Umaralieva S. Ferghanskaya
3. Dzhabargenova M. Nukus

Boys 17+
1. Rustam Yu. Ferghana 
2. Akbarov S. Namangan
3. Olimzhanov U. Namangan

Girls 17+
1. Tursunalieva R. Ferghanskaya 
2. Reipnazarova Z. Nukus 
3. Safaralieva S. Ferghanskaya