New Year - New Goals

The Year 2022 has come into its power and it promises to be quite serious. First of all, it is worth pointing out that the new Olympic cycle is much shorter. Paris 2024 is a little more than 2.5 years away, which means that time is not too long to earn rankings and credibility. One of the most important starts of this year is the Hangzhou Summer Asian Games. Multisport competition, which includes, among other things, rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics and trampoline, is scheduled for September. Although even before that our athletes have to solve the difficult problem of successful participation in a whole cycle of important tournaments, stages of the World Cup and the continental championships. Without our own facilities it is not possible to talk about the imaginary results. In the meantime, members of the national gymnastics teams have to be located at various sports venues of the capital. 

Taking into consideration that January is the main month for holding training camps, developing new programs, exercises, the National Olympic Committee and Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation decided to organize training camp for main team members. Thus, Sabina Tashkenbaeva, Tahmina Ikromova, as well as team of group exercises will go to Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) for the period of January 7-20: Nargiza Dzhumaniyazova, Nilufar A'zamova, Mumtoza Iskhakzoda, Maria Pak, Victoria Kim and Khurshida Abduraufova. The coaching staff of the national rhythmic gymnastics team: Gozal Filippova, Tatyana Abduramanova, Rano Mukhamedova, Liliya Vlasova. Alexey Shachnev, physiotherapist at Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation will supervise the health of our gymnasts.