Brilliant performance of Uzbek gymnasts at the World Cup stage in Tashkent

The final day of the World Cup stage in Tashkent gave fans of rhythmic gymnastics even more emotions and experiences. Today were the finals in certain types of all-around. And the first to enter the site were personalities with a hoop. With a result of 31.70 b. Tahmina Ikromova opened the awards ceremony. And it was her second gold medal, after yesterday's brilliant performance in the all-around. "Silver" went to a gymnast from Slovenia, Ekaterina Vedeneeva, and "bronze" to Daria Varfolomeev from Germany. In the exercise with the ball, the Uzbek gymnasts were left without awards. The first and second places were distributed between the representatives of Germany Margarita Kolosov and Daria Varfolomeev, respectively. The third place belongs to Ekaterina Vedeneeva. Then the teams performed in group exercises with five hoops. And here, the national team of Uzbekistan took the second position, letting the team of Bulgaria go ahead. Gymnasts of Kazakhstan rounded out the top three. We continued the competitive program again with individual exercises with clubs, and here the third "gold" in the asset of Uzbekistan was again brought by Takhmina Ikromova. 31.50 b. The closest rival Ekaterina Vedeneeva from Slovenia was only 25 hundredths behind. Margarita Kolosov has the third result. In an exercise with a ribbon, Tahmina diluted her medals of the highest standard with a bronze award. Second place - Daria Varfolomeev, first - Ekaterina Vedeneeva. Well, the triumphal procession of the national team of Uzbekistan at the home World Cup was completed by the team in group exercises of Shahzada Ibragimova, Nargiz Jumaniyazov, Nilyufar Azamova, Mumtoza Iskhakzoda, Maria Pak and Khurshida Abduraufova. In the exercise with 3 ribbons and 2 balls, our girls climbed to the highest step of the podium, beating the national team of Kazakhstan and Bulgaria.

Thus, the gymnasts of Uzbekistan won 7 medals at the home Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup. Of these, 4 are gold, two are silver and one is bronze. And this is the best result of our team in the history of the World Cup. Once again, we congratulate the athletes and coaches Lilia Vlasova, Elena Aslanova, as well as Rano Mukhamedova and Nilufar Shomuradova, on their brilliant performance at the competitions in Tashkent.