Preparing for new serious starts

The main team of Uzbekistan in rhythmic gymnastics continues to prepare for important competitions. Behind was the World Cup in Baku, where the best result of Tahmina Ikromova was in the exercise with a hoop - 5, and in the all-around she took 11th place. This is despite the fact that the entire color of national teams from 31 countries has gathered in Azerbaijan, among them 42 gymnasts of the individual program and 84 in group teams (14 teams). Our team in group exercises in the all-around stopped at 6th place, and in the finals with three ribbons and two balls, as well as with 5 hoops, the girls took 7th place. Now Takhmina, as well as the group: Shahzoda Ibragimova, Nargiza Dzhumaniyazova, Nilyufar Azamova, Mumtoza Iskhakzoda, Maria Pak and Khurshida Abduraufova, are training at the FGU.