A good start in Sofia

The first licensed start for representatives of rhythmic gymnastics - the 39th World Championship - has ended in Sofia. He also provided an opportunity for athletes who did not take prizes in the all-around to qualify for the next world championship in 2023. 234 gymnasts from 62 countries took part in the current championship. And it is worth noting that Uzbek gymnasts have never been so close to the podium in their entire history. And Tahmina Ikromova did it. In the final performance with clubs, with flawless execution of the exercise and without the slightest mistake, the representative of the Samarkand gymnastics school took 4th place. In the all-around final, where only the best made their way, Tahmina took 11th place. More than worthy can be called the performance of Esmina Rakhimova at this tournament, who set a personal record in her career. One of her achievements is the 9th place in exercises with a ribbon. Our team in group exercises, consisting of Shahzoda Ibragimova, Nargiza Jumaniyazova, Nilufar Azamova, Mumtosa Iskhakzoda, Khurshida Abduraufova and Maria Pak, thanks to their performances, secured a place among the participants of the next licensed championship, as well as our individuals. In the team competition, Takhmina Ikromova, Esmina Rakhimova, Asal Akhmedova and our group took 7th place. Once again, we congratulate all our girls and the coaching staff: Gezal Filippova, Talia Abduramanova, Lilia Vlasova, Elena Aslanova, Irina Kudryasheva, Rano Mukhamedova and Luisa Ganieva on their successful performance at the World Championships in Sofia.