Uzbek trampolinist won the silver medal of the international tournament

An international trampoline tournament was held in St. Petersburg. 357 athletes from Russia, Armenia, Egypt, the Republic of Belarus, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan competed for the Peter the Great Cup. The competitions included 3 types of programs: individual and synchronized jumps, a minitramp and an acrobatic track. The members of our national team performed very well. In the category of 15-16 years, Angelika Markelova (51,390) was awarded a silver medal. Namangan trampolinist Lola Akhmedova also became the finalist of the tournament. She took 7th place. In the duet, our girls are also located on the 7th line. In the category of 11-12 years, Firdavs Ibragimov (Namangan) stopped at the 5th position among the strongest. 23 result from Mirshokhid Khasanboev. We congratulate our athletes and their coaches Razia Yakubova and Abror Yunusov on the long-awaited start, which brought good results.