Tournament in Novosibirsk

Oct 06

On October 7, the international gymnastics tournament for the prizes of Olympic champion Evgeny Podgorny and Olympic medalist Ivan Stretovich will start in Novosibirsk.

Motivational training for gymn...

Sep 29

The main purpose of such events is the multilateral preparation of our athletes for responsible competitions, including the Asian and Olympic Games.

12 awards were won by our acro...

Sep 28

4 gold and 8 silver awards. Here is the result of the participation of the Uzbek national team in the 12th Asian Championship!

The continental championship a...

Sep 26

The 12th Asian Sports Acrobatics Championship has started in Pavlodar (Kazakhstan).

Uzbek trampolinist won the sil...

Sep 26

357 athletes from Russia, Armenia, Egypt, the Republic of Belarus, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan competed for the Peter the Great Cup.

A good start in Sofia

Sep 19

The first licensed start for representatives of rhythmic gymnastics - the 39th World Championship - has ended in Sofia.

"Group exercises" are ready to...

Sep 16

And it is today that the fate of the first Olympic vouchers will be decided. Teams enter the fight for them in group exercises. The 30 teams are divided into two subgroups.

One step away from the pedesta...

Sep 16

Without exaggeration, the flawless execution of the exercise with clubs was shown in the final by Takhmina Ikramova.

Sofia Raffaeli is a leader in ...

Sep 15

Italian Sofia Raffaeli won the gold medal of the World Championship for the first time in the history of her country.

A meeting of the heads of tech...

Sep 14

The Presidium was headed by the President of the Technical Committee of Rhythmic Gymnastics of FIG Noha Abu Shabana, a member of the Executive Committee of FIG Ali al Hitmi.