National Flag Holiday

Nov 18

One of the main symbols of the country was approved 31 years ago. A solemn event in honor of this event was organized today by the Ministry of Sports Development.

Sports veteran Erkin Giyazov c...

Nov 14

Today, on November 14, the 85th anniversary is celebrated by the outstanding figure of physical culture and sports Ghiyazov Erkin Abbasovich.

Flash mob in the framework of ...

Nov 11

The nationwide project "Yashil Makon", initiated by the head of our state, covered a wide range of the population, including representatives of various spheres.

The gymnasts of Karakalpakstan...

Oct 31

The third stage of the Cup of the Strongest in rhythmic gymnastics was held in Ulyanovsk (Russia).

The trampoline World Champions...

Oct 31

The coaching staff of the Federation of Uili formed a team. Our country will be represented in Sofia by Farangiz Ruzieva, Jurabek Masharipov and Abdulaziz Khakimov.

The World Gymnastics Champions...

Oct 31

The attention of sports fans is now focused on Liverpool, where the qualification championship of the world in gymnastics is in full swing. The men's competition started today.

The strongest gymnasts of the ...

Oct 28

Great Britain will hold a licensed World Gymnastics Championship

Plasticity and choreography fo...

Oct 28

A plastic and choreography lesson was organized for the members of the national rhythmic gymnastics team. It was conducted by the choreographer of the national team For the world of Fazluts.

training camp before an import...

Oct 24

From October 26 to November 5, the World Gymnastics Championship will be held in Liverpool. Olympic licenses will be awarded in the team championships.

The International Sports Acrob...

Oct 20

About 100 athletes from Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan participated in the competition.