The winners of the youth champ...

Mar 28

On Sunday, the youth championship of Uzbekistan in artistic gymnastics ended, with the participation of masters and candidates for master of sports. Remember, 75 people participated.

"Jumpers" determined the stron...

Mar 28

The results of the national championship in trampolining and tumbling have been summed up. The fight for medals in the trampoline took place on the basis of the Republican College of the Olympic Reserve. 26 athletes participated in synchronized and individual jumps.

Youth Artistic Gymnastics Cham...

Mar 25

There are 75 participants in total. Individual-team competitions according to the programs of masters and candidates for master of sports. Today there was a qualification among young men, which made it possible to determine the finalists in certain types of all-around.

Spring Junior Grace Championsh...

Mar 25

And among the youngest, the traditional spring championship of Tashkent in rhythmic gymnastics was held. He collected over 130 graces born in 2010-2016. Winners and prize-winners were determined by the results of the all-around.

Jumpers started drawing awards...

Mar 25

Competitions have begun among jumpers on a trampoline and an acrobatic track. The national championship among athletes over 17 years of age is held at two bases - a trampoline at the Republican College of Olympic Reserve, and a track in Namangan.

Ekaterina Khilko celebrates he...

Mar 25

Today, March 25, the star of domestic and world sports, winner of the Olympic Games in Beijing, the World Championship and the Asian Games in trampoline Еkaterina Khilko celebrates her birthday.

Silver Egyptian Cup

Mar 24

Оn the eve of the spring holiday and the renewal of Navruz, Cairo hosted the third of a series of rating stages of the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup, which brought a real gift to Uzbekistan - 2 silver medals. Recall that this start brought together a record number of participating countries - 33 states.

Dildora Aripova and Ominakhon ...

Mar 18

The names of the next finalists of the World Cup stage in Cairo were determined. Dildora Aripova with the second result and Ominakhon Khalilova with the 8th got to the final in floor exercises. We are waiting for the results of the next performances of our gymnasts.

Next finalists determined in C...

Mar 18

In Egypt, the stage of the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup continues. Another representative of Uzbekistan made it to the final of the competition.

Oksana Chusovitina in the fina...

Mar 17

In Cairo, the stage of the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup was launched with a record number of participating countries to this point. 33 states represent their teams. Oksana Chusovitina successfully passed the qualification in the vault and reached the final with the first result.