17th World Gymnaеstrada in Amsterdam

In 2023, Amsterdam will host the largest event in the world of gymnastics - the World Gymnastrada. Its holding in the Netherlands will become truly symbolic. In 1953, for the first time, this country gathered participants in a grandiose mass sports show. Rotterdam became the capital of the first World Gymnastrade. Decades later, the Gymnastrada returned to its homeland. In 1991, Amsterdam was already chosen as the venue for a large-scale gymnastic forum. And now the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium is preparing for the opening ceremony of the 17th Gymnastrada. This event was dedicated to the information rally, held in the capital of Holland, for the heads of the Gymnastics Committees for all national federations. In total, the meeting was attended by representatives of 35 countries, including Uzbekistan. At the beginning of the event, the new composition of the Technical Gymnastics Committee for all FIG was presented. Technical Committee President Rogerio Valerio briefed the participants on the procedure for holding the upcoming Gymnastics Festival. Members of the WG2023 Organizing Committee made a presentation of the venues where the performances will take place, these are indoor venues for teams from 10 to 150 people, arenas for large groups, street performances, as well as for organizing national evenings and FIG-GALA. Issues of equipping the arenas with the necessary sports equipment and inventory were discussed. The rally participants got acquainted with the infrastructure, including the venue for the opening ceremony of the 17th World Gymnastrada - the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium, visited and inspected the facilities (schools and lyceums) where the participants of the large-scale event will live, issues of food, transport and medical care were resolved. The procedure for registration of participating teams and the rules for accreditation were discussed. The program of the event will also include various educational seminars and meetings of heads of delegations. The participants of the information rally were presented with the official mascot of the World Gymnastrade in Amsterdam - Gymba. The International Gymnastics Federation and the organizing committee of WG2023 expressed their hope that the upcoming event will bring together a record number of participants and, as always, leave an unforgettable mark and a storm of positive emotions in the hearts of millions of gymnastics fans.