Sports veteran Erkin Giyazov celebrates his birthday

Today, on November 14, the 85th anniversary is celebrated by the outstanding figure of physical culture and sports Ghiyazov Erkin Abbasovich. For his contribution to the development of gymnastics in Uzbekistan and sports in general, Erkin Abbasovich was awarded a number of awards: "Excellent Student of public education of the USSR and Uzbekistan", "The most active veteran", "Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports", "Honored Coach of Uzbekistan", "Veteran of Labor" of the first degree of the Republican Nuroniy Foundation. Currently, Erkin Giyazov is the chairman of the Control and Audit Commission of the Council of Veterans of Sports Organizations of Uzbekistan. He still passes on his knowledge and experience to young athletes and coaches.

The Gymnastics Federation of Uzbekistan, the Council of Veterans and the entire gymnastic community of our country cordially congratulate the hero of the day. We wish you good health, long life and fruitful work for the benefit of the development and prosperity of our wonderful sport.