President of Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation was elected

A Significant event, marked by the elective conference of the Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation, held today - New President of Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation was elected. The Federation will be headed by Shavkat Buranovich Umurzakov, Chairman of "Uzavtosanoat".

It should be noted that under the power of Shavkat Buranovich, "Uzavtosanoat" for many years as the main sponsor, provides significant support to the development of gymnastics in Uzbekistan. In his speech, the head of the automobile industry noted:

"First of all, let me thank you for the high trust you have given me to join the family of the Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation by becoming its head. This is indeed a great responsibility for me. Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation has achieved a great reputation in the international arena. This contributed to the success of our athletes at major tournaments at the world level, and, members of Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation are actively involved in international seminars and conferences organized by the International Gymnastics Federation and the Asian Gymnastics Union. Today, there are shining names in Uzbekistan Gymnastics, selflessly devoted to his / her activity - gymnasts, coaches, doctors and all the friendly staff of Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation. 
International Gymnastics Federation and Asian Gymnastics Union highly evaluate the activity of Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation and organization of large-scale events in Uzbekistan. Today, Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation is in the top 10 out of 162 national gymnastics federations of the world. 
However, today we face a number of unresolved problems. And to single out among them the most actual problems is not possible, because all of them are separate links of the chain of problems. The development of gymnastics disciplines in the country and creation of conditions for preparation of high quality athletes depend on the solutions of these problems.
Unfortunately, the lack of attention to the problems experienced by the Federation and the gymnastics in general in recent years, the almost complete lack of funding has forced a number of promising, highly professional athletes and coaches to leave their favorite sport. Some of them, having received lucrative offers, left to work abroad. We must never allow that to happen again! 
Before presenting my candidacy as the President of the Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation, I made a detailed study of the history of the development of gymnastics disciplines in the Republic and the activity of the Federation. I am deeply impressed by its success. I believe the number one task is to revive the old traditions of the Uzbek alma mater of gymnastics, to make it one of the best in the world, together we need to bring the gymnastics to a new level. In my turn, I will make much effort to ensure that each of our objectives is achieved in the shortest possible time.

Also, other positions of the federation were approved. So, Ruslan Bulatovich Mustayev will continue his duties as First Vice President of Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation. Secretary General - Filippova Gozal Bakhodirovna. Director - Isilbekova Galina Vyacheslavovna. The head coaches of gymnastics were also approved.

The agenda included discussion of current problems of the federation. Report of the chief accountant Raisa Bulatovna Keldibaeva, concerning financing and expenses of Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation, as well as the Sport Director of Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation Timur Andreevich Abduvaliev was listened to. Opinions and proposals were shared by members of the federation, coaches.