Congress of the Asian Gymnastics Union

Today, on October 1, the Congress of the Asian Gymnastics Union was held at the International Hotel Tashkent. The Chairman of the meeting, the head of the AGU, Abdul Rahman Al Shatri, welcomed the participants of the event directly and online: - "I am very happy that we can get together again and immensely glad that this meeting, for a long time, is being held in Tashkent again. This is a beautiful city, very hospitable people here. I would like to thank the Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation once again from the bottom of my heart for organizing the Congress at a high level. All of us have had to go through a lot recently, and now it's time to analyze the work and make plans for the future. But first, let's congratulate all the gymnasts of the Asian continent on their successful performances at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. They have made a big step forward." Morinari Watanabe, President of the International Gymnastics Federation, who was also present at today's meeting, also shared his memories of the Games held in Tokyo this summer. At the end of his speech, the head of FIG, as a sign of respect and gratitude, presented the torch of the 2020 Olympics to the head of the Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation Ruslan Mustayev. Further, the regulations of the Congress included reports of persons responsible for each of the 4 AGU zones and heads of technical committees in all areas of gymnastics cultivated on the continent (gymnastics for all, men's gymnastics, women's gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, sports acrobatics, sports aerobics). The Vice-President of the AGU Ruslan Mustaev and the head of the Technical Committee of Rhythmic Gymnastics, the Secretary General of the Federal State University Gezal Filippova made their reports here. In his speech, Ruslan Mustaev announced sensational news - Oksana Chusovitina will continue her sporting career at least until the Asian Games in Hangzhou. This decision of the legendary gymnast was met by the Congress participants with loud ovations. Next, the calendar plan of various events was discussed, including continental championships in gymnastics, including licensed ones, Academies and seminars. Also, the question of the possibility of including such disciplines as sports aerobics and sports acrobatics in the program of the upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou next year was raised. Special emphasis was placed on the voting scheme and procedure for electing candidates to governing bodies and membership of the International Gymnastics Federation. The FIG Election Congress will be held this November in Antalya. Among the contenders to take a place in the FIG are representatives of the Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation: Vice-President of the Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation Ruslan Mustaev - now a member of the Council - consul of FIG, is running for the same post, senior coach of the women's Gymnastics department Lyudmila Li - candidate for the technical committee of the WAG and rhythmic gymnastics coach Maya Filippova - candidate for the technical committee of the RG.