Press release of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Tashkent

On April 15-17, Tashkent will host the participants of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup. The organizers of the prestigious international tournament are the Ministry of Sports Development, the National Olympic Committee, the Gymnastics Federation of Uzbekistan, with the assistance of the general sponsor of FGU Uzavtosanoat JSC.

This year, representatives of 15 states will enter the competition platform in the capital of Uzbekistan: Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Colombia, Great Britain, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, New Zealand, Slovenia, USA, Uzbekistan.

The 2022 season is filled with incredible excitement for all gymnasts. This is due to a number of factors. Firstly, this Olympic cycle is much shorter, which means that there is little time to prepare for qualifying starts. Already this autumn, the licensed world championship will start, where the first quotas for Paris 2024 will be played. Secondly, a new set of rules in judging, requiring more complex programs from gymnasts. Thirdly, change of subjects in group exercises. In the new cycle, this is an exercise with 5 hoops, as well as an exercise with 3 ribbons and 2 balls. In addition, many national teams have changed their main composition. The “past” leaders are being replaced by a “grown up” talented generation. So, for example, after Tokyo 2020, the Olympic champion national team of Bulgaria will present its new line-up in group exercises.

Uzbekistan at the World Cup stage in Tashkent will be represented by the holder of the Olympic license in Tokyo, Asian champion, winner of the Asian Games and World Cup stages, team leader Sabina Tashkenbayeva, Asian champion Takhmina Ikromova. Both gymnasts are pupils of Lilia Vlasova. Also, a new composition of group exercises will perform: Shahzada Ibragimova, Nargiza Dzhumaniyazova, Nilyufar Azamova, Mumtoza Iskhakzoda, Maria Pak and Khurshida Abduraufova. The team is coached by Rano Mukhamedova and Nilufar Shamuradova.

For reference: for the first time tournaments in rhythmic gymnastics of such a high scale were held in Uzbekistan in 2004 and 2005. After another 5 years, in 2010, the Asian Championship among juniors was held in Tashkent. Since then, every year our capital hosts the strongest gymnasts of the planet, and the hosts of tournaments win awards of various denominations:

In 2011, at the World Cup stage (hereinafter referred to as EKM), Uliana Trofimova - 3rd place in the ribbon exercise.

2012 - EKM - no prize money.

2013 - Asian Championship. "Gold" in the team standings: Maya Filippova, Valeria Davydova, Maftuna Shamsieva, Zhamila Rakhmatova. Zhamila Rakhmatova - "Silver" in the all-around and exercise with the ball, bronze medals - hoop, mace, ribbon. Maya Filippova - 3rd place in the exercise with the ball. Group exercises - bronze medals in all-around and clubs.

2014 - EKM. Elizaveta Nazarenkova - 3rd place with clubs.

2015 - EKM. Anastasia Serdyukova - 3rd place with clubs.

2016: Asian Championship. Elizaveta Nazarenkova - 2nd place in all-around and clubs, 3rd place - hoop and ball.
EKM. Anastasia Serdyukova - 3rd place - ball, ribbon. Elizaveta Nazarenkova - 3rd place - maces.

2017 - EKM. Anastasia Serdyukova - 3rd place in the feed.

2018 - EKM. Sabina Tashkenbayeva - 2nd place in clubs exercise.

2019 - EKM. The national team in group exercises won silver medals in the all-around.

2021 EKM. Group exercises - gold medals in the all-around and exercise with 5 balls, silver medals in the exercise with three hoops and two pairs of clubs.
Asian Championship - the national team in group exercises became a three-time winner of gold medals - all-around, with 5 balls, as well as 3 hoops and 2 pairs of clubs. Ekaterina Fetisova - 1st place - ball, 3rd place - all-around. Takhmina Ikromova - 1st place in the exercise with a hoop, 3 "silver" - all-around, ribbon, clubs.

The results of the competitions organized in Tashkent are presented!