Uzbekistan Cup on Trampoline Gymnastics

In two cities of the country, in Tashkent and Namangan, Uzbekistan Cup on Trampoline and Tumbling was held. In total, 79 athletes from several regions of Uzbekistan took part in the competition. The participants were divided into age categories. The winners and medalists in Trampoline were awarded in Tashkent and in Tumbling in Namangan. The winners were awarded with diplomas and medals from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Uzbekistan.

13-15 years old girls 
1st place - Yildasheva Shohsanam Fergana (College of Olympic Reserve)
2nd place - Angelica Markelova from Tashkent
3rd place - Diana Fetlyaeva Tashkent

Boys 13-15 years old 
1st place - Shokhboz Turgunboev Fergana (College of Olympic Reserve)
2nd place - Khayrulaev Ismoil Tashkent
3rd place - Aminjonov Davronbek Fergana (, College of Olympic Reserve)

16+ girls 
1st place - Farangiz Ruzieva Tashkent
2nd place - Ziyoda Tolibzhonova Fergana
3rd place - Sabrina Tukhtamurodova Samarkand

16+ men 
1st place - Jorabek Masharipov Tashkent
2nd place - Kholmerzaev Zololitdin Fergana (College of Olympic Reserve)
3rd place - Yahyo Muminov Ferghana

Synchronized Trampoline 13-15 and 16+  
1st place - Angelica Markelova/Fetlyaeva Diana Tashkent
2nd place Yildasheva Shokhsanam/Tukhtamurodova Sabrina Ferghana/Samarkand
3rd place Madinabonu Kokhorova/Tolipova Maftuna Ferghana

Synchronized Trampoline 13-15 boys 
1st place - Davronbek Aminjonov/Hairulaev Ismoil Fergana/Tashkent
2nd place - Abdullaev Ahrror/Yildashev Muhammaddir Namangan
3rd place - Sultonov Asadbek/Tolibjonov Foziljon Samarkand (College of Olympic Reserve)

Synchronized Trampoline men 16+ 
1st place - Yakhyo Muminov/Fayzullaev Javohir Ferghana (College of Olympic Reserve)/Tashkent
2nd place - Mirkobilov Hasanboy/Mirkobilov Hasanboy Fergana
3rd place - Masharipov Jorabek/Hakimov Abdulaziz Tashkent/Fergana

Girls of 2008-2006.
1st place - Khusanova Maftuna Fergana
2nd place - Sarvinoz Umaralieva Ferghana
3rd place - Muhtasar Omonova Fergana

Girls of 2005 and older
1st place - Tursunalieva Rayhon Fergana
2nd place - Jaloliddinova Mushtariy Fergana
3rd place - Safaralieva Sevara Fergana

Boys of 2008-2006.
1st place - Abubakirov Muhammadziyo Fergana
2nd place - Mukhammadjusuf Khoshimjonov Namangan
3rd place - Saidmakhmudov Saidmuminhon Fergana

Boys of 2005 and older
1st place - Avazbekov Sherozbek Fergana
2nd place - Mashrab Nazaraliev Fergana
3rd place - Akbarov Samandar Fergana