Sofia Raffaeli is a leader in Sofia

The names of the first winners of the 39th Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Sofia are already known. In the first two days, the participants, who, by the way, 82 in individual performances, need not only to make it to the finals with individual subjects and compete for medals, but also to get into the top 18 according to the results of the all-around qualification. It is the results of the all-around competition that will determine the first holders of licenses for Paris 2024. Yesterday, the strongest were revealed in exercises with a hoop and a ball. Italian Sofia Raffaeli won the gold medal of the World Championship for the first time in the history of her country. Moreover, she did it twice.

1. Sofia Raffaeli (Italy) - 34.85
2. Styliana Nikolova (Bulgaria) - 33.40
3. Daria Varfolomeev (Germany) - 32.15

1. Sofia Raffaeli (Italy) - 34.90
2. Daria Varfolomeev (Germany) - 34.10
3. Milena Baldassari (Italy) - 32.40

Our girls also demonstrate good results. Tahmina Ikromova and Esmina Rakhimova, although they could not get to the finals with a hoop and a ball, but the chance to take a place among the 18 strongest is high. Today, the participants perform with clubs and a ribbon. It should be noted that Takhmina performs all 4 types, Yesmina 3 and Asal Akhmedova will come to the platform with maces. The results will be based on the top three scores in the exercises. Competitions for teams in group exercises will start tomorrow.