A constructive dialogue was held between the leadership of the FGU and the athletes

President of the Gymnastics Federation of Uzbekistan, Chairman of the Board of "Uzavtosanoat" Shavkat Umurzakov held a meeting with coaches of national teams in gymnastic disciplines and athletes. A constructive dialogue took place, during which the head of the FGU asked a number of questions regarding the preparation of our gymnasts for various international tournaments and the prospects for winning Olympic licenses. Individual training plans of each of the members of the national teams were previously considered in detail. Analyzed the results of past seasons. Shavkat Umurzakov noted that athletes are fighters who are always ready to defend the honor of the country and defeat an opponent. He wished all the gymnasts to follow their goals and successfully achieve them, because the younger generation grows and educates by their example. "The higher the result, the more children will want to go in for gymnastics," said the head of the federation. In turn, the coaches and the athletes themselves voiced the problems they face during the training cycle. The issues of financing, organizing training camps, selecting promising gymnasts, purchasing sports equipment that meets the requirements of international standards, and attracting foreign specialists to work with national teams were also raised. At the end of the meeting, the President of the Federation expressed the need to consolidate the efforts of all members of the Federation in order to resolve pressing issues and achieve results.