A meeting of the heads of technical committees on rhythmic gymnastics took place

A number of meetings are taking place within the framework of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship, which starts tomorrow in Sofia. In particular, an event was held with the participation of heads of technical committees of this discipline from all continents. The Presidium was headed by the President of the Technical Committee of Rhythmic Gymnastics of FIG Noha Abu Shabana, a member of the Executive Committee of FIG Ali al Hitmi. The topics of the development of rhythmic gymnastics in the world, the existing problems in this matter are raised. During the discussions, proposals were put forward to solve the most pressing problems, plans for their implementation were outlined. In general, as it was said, the close cooperation of national federations, the joint work of continental technical committees and FIG in this direction, will create a strong foundation for strengthening the "future" of rhythmic gymnastics and the athletes themselves.