Training camp in Baku before the World Cup

On September 1-19, Bulgaria will host the most important tournament for representatives of rhythmic gymnastics - the licensed world championship. In order to thoroughly prepare for this start, the national team of Uzbekistan conducts an away training camp in Baku. Training camp, as a means of intensive training before competitions, is responsible not only for increasing the level of physical fitness, but also helps to regulate the psychological stability of the athlete and stabilize his emotional background. This is especially important for debutants of the world championship. And if Takhmina Ikromova already had the honor to represent Uzbekistan at the world championship, then Yosmina Rakhimova and Asal Akhmedova, another talented pupil of Elena Aslanova, as well as our team in group exercises, which included Shakhzoda Ibragimova, Nargiza Dzhumaniyazova, Nilufar Azamova, Mumtoza Iskhakzoda , Khurshida Abduraufova and Maria Pak will perform for the first time at the upcoming large-scale sports forum in Sofia. The gymnasts are training in Baku together with the coaches Lilia Vlasova, Irina Kudryasheva, Rano Mukhamedova, Luiza Ganiyeva, as well as Taliya Abduramanova and Gyozal Filippova, they will also be included in the refereeing staff of the championship. Alexey Shachnev monitors the physical condition of the team. The training session will last until September 11, after which our delegation will go straight to Bulgaria.