"Pearl of Kyrgyzstan"

"Pearl of Kyrgyzstan". This is the name of the international sports festival, which is taking place these days on the banks of Issyk-Kul. These are complex competitions, including 30 disciplines. This list also includes rhythmic gymnastics. Among the participants of the tournament were representatives of Uzbekistan, who showed very good results. The results are as follows:

born in 2012
Hasmik Mkhitaryan - 1st place
Amalia Efremova - 2nd place
Aziza Abdumalikova - 2nd place

born in 2013
Evgenia Proydakova - 1st place
Imona Isroilova - 2nd place

born in 2014
Gafurova Alina - 1st place
Maryam Talibzhanova - 2nd place

born in 2015
Samira Tolkinkhojaeva - 1st place

born in 2016 Group exercises
Muazzam Khujahmedova
Robiya Bobokulov
Saliha Salimova
Mubina Salimova
Sakhibakhon Gulyamova
- 1 place

Congratulations to our young gymnasts and their coaches Alexandra Makhort and Sanobar Farkhadova on their successful performance at the sports festival.