Uzbekistan Artistic Gymnastics...

Oct 05

The Uzbekistan Cup is the main trophy of artistic gymnastics competitions that started the day before in the capital.

Takhmina Ikramova won the bron...

Oct 05

In Moscow, at the international tournament "Olympico Cup" 2021 in rhythmic gymnastics, Tahmina Ikromova won a bronze medal in the final exercises with clubs.

"Olympico Cup" 2021 in Rhythm...

Oct 04

These days, Moscow hosts the international tournament "Olympico Cup" 2021 in rhythmic gymnastics. Athletes from Armenia, Australia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Russia take part in the competition.

Morinari Watanabe

Oct 01

Interview for the Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation of the President of the International Gymnastics Federation

Congress of the Asian Gymnasti...

Oct 01

Today, on October 1, the Congress of the Asian Gymnastics Union was held at the International Hotel Tashkent. The Chairman of the meeting, the head of the AGU, Abdul Rahman Al Shatri, welcomed the participants of the event directly and online