One step away from the pedestal

Without exaggeration, the flawless execution of the exercise with clubs was shown in the final by Takhmina Ikramova. Absolutely clean execution of elements, the most complex "risks" and techniques. But, as we have already noted, at competitions of this level, the strongest gymnasts of the planet compete fiercely. Nevertheless, Uzbek athletes have not yet come so close to the podium of the world championship. Takhmina Ikramova took 4th place. Daria Varfolomeev (Germany) took the first place, Stelena Nikolova (Bulgaria) took the silver, and Sofia Rafaeli, who made a mistake in the exercise, which, however, did not prevent her from winning a medal, was on the third line.

Takhmina Ikramova, also, according to the results of her performance in qualifying, took a place in the all-around final. And now the "chase" for the Olympic license begins. We congratulate Tahmina and the athlete's coaches on their achievement and wish them further success

Our other gymnast Esmina Rakhimova was in the reserve of the final with a ribbon. Recall that Irina Kudryasheva's pupil is the debutant of the tournament and such a result is exceptional in itself. It should be noted that only Ulyana Trofimova achieved such a result of reaching the finals in the framework of the world championship. It was more than 10 years ago.